Gluten free apps for iPhone – The absolute top 10

In the following list you can find the absolute top 10 of gluten free apps for iphone. Make sure you download and test the ones that better fits your needs.

10. Gluten Free By Trinity Innovations 

1 star

gluten free app

Type: Free – up to a certain extent

This app – is not like most apps I reviewed that you can just use immediately – this app captures information by having you login 1st by using your facebook or a registration page.

Here are the features I tried out so far:

  1. It has a list of ingredients that is Gluten Free (more than 700) – saved on your phone.
  2. Bar Code Scanner – it scans items with barcodes to determine if those items have ingredients that have Gluten. Database is provided by a 3rd party company that has thousands of products.
  3. It has a search function based on search results from google and foursquare by looking for restaurants identified as serving gluten free food.

Drawback? You can only use the bar scanner a set number of times before you need to start shelling out cash. Download here.

9. Gluten Free Restaurant Items : Fast Food Diet Guide for Celiac Disease Allergy and Wheat Allergies App By Awesomeappscenter LLC

one star



Type: Paid

This is not a free application –it actually costs $2.99

The thing I like about this app is that it provides a list of restaurants including the major restaurants and fast food chains. Another good thing about this app is that you don’t need internet to use this app. Once downloaded and installed- all the data is saved on your phone. SO no worries when you’re out of coverage. Get it here.Gluten Free Restaurant Items

Restaurants include:
-Au Bon Pain
-Back Yard Burgers
-Baja Fresh
-Baskin Robbins (wheat-free)
-Beef ‘O’ Brady’s
And another 150 restaurants.

8. Find Me Gluten Free By Gluten Free Classes, LLC

2 star



Type: Free

What it does: It lists places to eat and buy food that are gluten free in a specific area like restaurants, bakeries. Find Me Gluten Free apps for iphone

You can search by the following categories.

Dedicated Facilities
Fast Food
Grocery Stores

It also already has a beta version for Gluten Free Recipes.

7. Glutenology – Gluten Free Guide By David Ramsey

2 star



Type: Free

This application is like the one stop and shop guide to understanding how to live the Gluten Free lifestyle and can help in a variety of ways. Excellent for people that just got diagnosed or has a friend or family member that is diagnosed so you can understand their needs better. Glutenology

Produced by Dr. David Ramsey..the application has different sections

Informational Section which provides data about Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease and most of everything that you need to know about it.

Lists – which has lists of foods that have gluten. Lists of support groups

For the paid version you can also access additional lists

-50 Home Cooked recipes that are Gluten Free (in Paid Version)
-List of Non-Gluten Grains and Flours (in Paid Version)
-List of Beers that are Gluten Free (in Paid Version)
-Foreign Travel Restaurant Scripts (in Paid Version)

6. Is That Gluten Free? By Garden Bay Software

3 star



Type – paid – 7.99

This app is not a free app – and it costs 7.99 for you to use it… Well, it’s still not that expensive especially when you consider that this might at the very least help your life easier if you are suffering from Celiac Disease. Is That Gluten Free

Here are some of the features it has – it has the different categories, it has a selection to choose by brand as you can see n the picture above, a search function and an ingredients list. One of the things I like about this app is that all the information is already stored in your phone so you actually don’t need an internet connection to make it work – very handy especially when you are in the grocery store with no signal.

Users can also add their own products to the list and leave ratings and notes to products in the list.

5. GF Plate – gluten free / celiac / healthy / paleo / clean & green diet recipes By Burleigh Labs Pty Ltd

3 star



Type: Free

Just because you cant eat food with Gluten, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your GF Platetastebuds. This application for gluten free eating has about 200 different kind of recipes that you can prepare for you and your friends without having to worry about Gluten..

Compatible for both the Iphone and the Ipad.

4. Gluten Free Restaurants and Fast Food By Pixster Studio

3 star



Type: Free

If some apps are paid for a list of places to eat –this one isn’t.. it’s FREE. This Gluten Free iOS Gluten Free Restaurants and Fast Foodapplications lists about 160 restaurants including fast food chains in the USA.

No need for internet connection as the information is saved on your phone or mobile device.

Categorized by Gluten and Wheat Free!

3. Dine Gluten Free By Karen Broussard

4 star



Type: Free

This app is linked to a giant database of Restaurants that are Gluten Free in the US and around the world. Letting the users access reviews by other users.Dine Gluten Free

It also has other options like showing which restaurants offer coupons and discounts.

All users can share their feedback and news. Users can also access through the application the blog which has updates and news.

2.  CeliacFeed – Gluten Free Locator By Daljit Ghag

4 star



Type: Free

Not only does this application help you find places that serve Gluten Free food, you can also leave recommendations for others to read and provide information.CeliacFeed - Gluten Free Locator

Well, the most interesting thing for me here is the chat function in which you can interact with other users of the app. Kinda like facebook for Gluten Free people.

1. Suggestic (best in gluten free apps for iphone)

5 stars



Type: Free

Well, the reason that this application for me is on the no.1 spot is actually because of a couple of reasons, well, basically it seems that they are the most complete app in the sense that it has almost everything you might need.. except for the fact that it cant cook for you.. lol

  1. This application helps you search restaurants and places to eat.

    suggestic gluten free apps for iphone

    suggestic ios app – for gluten free eating

  2. The Suggestic application also helps you, help others by letting you be able to leave suggestions and recommendations of places you have visited and the food you has tasted.
  3. It learns from your choices. You get the option to put in information about yourself, based on the information it will suggest to you where you can eat that serves gluten free food, and based in the places that you it, it will also suggest items on the menu that you might want to try.. next time you search for anything, it will put into consideration your earlier choices and present you the results based on everything it has learned from you earlier. Something like a computer learning based on past actions.

As said on the Suggestic’s website

Suggestic is an app that recommends safe and delicious restaurants and menu items to individuals and parties. To do so, it uses advanced algorithms to “understand” your likes and needs. It learns from you and everyone else in order to deliver better results.”

Don’t take my word for it… check it out here: or download from the app store here.