Gluten Free Android Apps – The definitive top 10

Since the 1st article I did for the iOS platform, some readers have asked for a list of Gluten Free Android apps, so here it is.

10. Gluten Free Ingredient Search by Sweet Tooth Software

one star


gluten free ingridients

This is probably one of the simplest apps I’ve ever come across – it’s a text based list of ingredients that according to the app is Gluten Free. This might come in handy for those who like to cook a lot for themselves of their family. You can download it here.

  1. Gluten Free Food Finder by Brad Clouser

one star



This app is one nifty application that you might need if you actually want to find out if the ingredients of what you are buying as Gluten. Gluten Free Food

How does it work?

Use the scanner to scan the barcode of the item you have.

This app uses community or crowd sourcing for its data, so items are updated easily by hundreds of users thus resulting in a better and larger database for everyone to use. Users can even contest or disagree with prior entries in the system.

Best thing about this app? It’s free – totally free, even from ads!


– Barcode scanner
– Easy to read “yes” or “no” result.
– The ability to update a result by disagreeing with it
– And pictures of monkeys (obviously)
– That’s it! Super easy.

  1. Delicious Gluten Free Recipes by Erik Magnus

2 star



Gluten Free Recipes 1000Having problems or difficulty in deciding what is safe to eat? Worry no more. The Delicious Gluten Free Recipes app was made specifically to help people to be able to prepare gluten free food straight from your smart phone or tablet. Download the app here.

Recipes are broken down to different categories, so whatever you feel like eating – you most likely will have some version here.

Recipes are from various sources from websites, people, restaurants with some recipes modified to fit the criteria as gluten free. I bet even people that do not suffer from Celiac Disease would find this app very useful.

  1. Gluten-Free Diet Plan by It’s Cool!

2 star



Gluten free dietWhat’s good about this app? It provides a 1 week diet plan for users that need to prepare and eat Gluten Free Foods.

This app will tell you the best combination of food to eat daily from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has around 100 Gluten Free Recipes that you can easily prepare.

The Interface looks neat and the app is responsive to the touch.

Here’s a sample diet plan:


Breakfast – Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Lunch – Asia Bean Salad with Tahini Dressing

Dinner – Grilled Shrimp Brochettes and Quinoa Timbales with roasted Peppers and Herbs

The app itself is very easy to use. And simple to understand

  1. Gluten Free Recipes 1000 by Do No(t Much) Evil

3 star



glten free recipes 10000This might be the most comprehensive Gluten Free App for recipes with around 1,000 recipes.

Recipes are segregated into 44 categories, suchs as: African, American, Asian, Budget, Cajun/Creole, Central/South American, Chinese, Cooking with Kids, Dairy Free, Eastern European/Russian, English/Scottish, Entertaining, Family Friendly, and more…

You can also search for recipes by name, ingredients, etc.

The interface is clean and simple text based in a black background. What I really like about this app is the incredible list for variety of recipes. Get it here.

  1. Gluten Free Sniper by Jon Kindel

4 star



sniper gluten free android appsThis application lists restaurants by name and identifies which food on their menu is Gluten free.

With 51 restaurants in the list already – this is one app people that is gluten-sensitive or have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease will need when eating out..

This makes ordering food a lot easier for the user without having to ask the waiter about which food has this and that.

List of restaurants include big names like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway and worldwide brands which is helpful for others also around the world or traveling.

  1. DINE GLUTEN FREE by GlutenFreeTravelSite

4 star



What it does: Database of restaurants and places to eat that serve Gluten Free food. It also provides feedback and ratings for places like bakeries, hotels, resorts and other places that serve food.

It also has a calendar function that has a list of events that Gluten Free food lovers will enjoy.

It also provides a list of restaurants that offer discounts and coupons

How are most of this information generated? Information is crowd sourced – meaning reviews are submitted by users of the app from the USA and around the world.

Users can also submit their reviews via the app for easier access.

  1. Why Gluten Free Living Works by Pro Touch Marketing, LLC

4 star



Why Gluten Free LivingThis Gluten Free is App must be one of the apps that really looks like an app. Most apps that I have seen look like its basically just a list or an ebook.

Instead of giving you just a list of places or foods you can or cannot eat. This app seems to feel like it’s an informational tool for those who need Gluten Free food. Why?

It has a news segment where it features articles pertinent to the segment and it even has videos on how to prepare gluten free food, videos on information about Gluten Free, a barcode scanner and a coupons section presumably for restaurants or places that offer coupon discounts to food.

  1. Find Me Gluten Free by Gluten Free Classes LLC

4 star



Find Me Gluten FreeNow this is another application that looks and feels like one.

What does it do? It helps you find restaurants that serve Gluten Free Food.

This app shows you the restaurant’s location. How far it is from you..Star ratings and number of ratings from customer.

It also has a map function.

Cool, right?

Find Me Gluten Free helps you easily whether you’re celiac, gluten sensitive, or just on a gluten free diet to find what you need easily like places to eat, fast food, or drink like bars, cafes, and even do your groceries!

You can also help make the app a better experience for everyone else by uploading your feedback n places you have visited for other people to see.

They also recently introduced in Beta Version the Recipes Beta! It’s a search function for and to view gluten free recipes from across the web.

1.Suggestic (best gluten free app for android)suggestic gluten free android apps

5 star



The app by Suggestic is like a personal concierge. It doesn’t only tell you where to eat, the best restaurant to eat at and the best dish to eat in that restaurant,  it also tells you if it’s good and safe for you based on your restrictions and preferences.

This gluten free app for Android also lets you add your friends and it will give you awesome group suggestions where everyone can enjoy something.

No more arguments about where to eat. Just add your friends and get a recommendation where everyone in your party will have a great time.

The Suggestic App learns from your decisions and the foods that you like. It also allows you to give feedback and comment on how friendly the restaurant is for people with food intolerances. One thing it doesn’t have is a bar code scanner… so what?

Download it now and try it for yourself.

In fact… download all the top 10 applications I mentioned here for android devices and do let us know about your feedback.. your comments and suggestions will always be welcome. If you use an iPhone, make sure yo check out this other list.