A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a couple of girls talking over lunch about Gluten and Gluten free food and how amazing the app one was using to find gluten free foods, and it got me wondering about Gluten free apps… and if you are still not sure about what is gluten, check out this video first:

Most apps are available in both iOS and Android versions.. Here are the top 10 Gluten Free apps I found for iOS users.

1. Suggestic (the best of Gluten Free Apps)best Gluten Free Apps

5 stars

Type: Free

Well, the reason that this application for me is on the no.1 spot is actually because of a couple of reasons, well, basically it seems that they are the most complete app in the sense that it has almost everything you might need.. except for the fact that it cant cook for you.. lol

  1. This application helps you search restaurants and places to eat.
  2. The Suggestic application also helps you, help others by letting you be able to leave suggestions and recommendations of places you have visited and the food you has tasted.
  3. It learns from your choices. You get the option to put in information about yourself, based on the information it will suggest to you where you can eat that serves gluten free food, and based in the places that you it, it will also suggest items on the menu that you might want to try.. next time you search for anything, it will put into consideration your earlier choices and present you the results based on everything it has learned from you earlier. Something like a computer learning based on past actions.

As said on the Suggestic’s website:

Suggestic is an app that recommends safe and delicious restaurants and menu items to individuals and parties. To do so, it uses advanced algorithms to “understand” your likes and needs. It learns from you and everyone else in order to deliver better results.”

Don’t take my word for it… check it out here: http://www.suggestic.com/ or download from the app store here.

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